Maximizing Efficiency and Cost Savings with Software License Management

Software license violations can result in hefty penalties, making it imperative for companies to comply with licensing standards. However, the increasing reliance on software-based automation has made managing an increasing number of licenses challenging. This is where software license management tools become important. Datatech-Int provides comprehensive software license management and Business Transformation in Malta to help small and large businesses optimize asset utilization and make software solution implementations targeted and compatible.

Benefits of Software License Management

The major benefits of Software License Management in Malta include the following:

Response to social and financial risks

Software license management's first priority is dealing with social and financial risks due to license violations.

Software is copyrighted, and violating the license is a criminal offense under copyright law. Also, many software licenses include an item called the right to audit. The right to audit is the right of the manufacturer that developed the software to investigate whether the company using the software is using the correct license. If you are using the software, you agree to the license, so if the manufacturer requests an audit, you cannot refuse.

If the audit reveals a license violation, you will have to pay the penalty in addition to the normal license fee. Recently, there have been cases of payment of penalties exceeding 150 million yen. In addition, when the court issues an order to preserve evidence due to suspicion of copyright infringement, there are cases where the business is stopped because the PC cannot be used.

In this way, leaving a situation in which proper license usage is not ensured poses an extremely high social and financial risk.

Cost management

One benefit of software license management and SAP consulting in Malta is reduced licensing costs.

If software license management is done accurately, it will be possible to discover surplus licenses. By understanding the status of licenses owned by the company as a whole and by department, for example, we can optimize the allocation of surplus licenses in department A to requested PCs and people in department B and reduce license purchases. can do.

In addition, inventorying the license usage status is important information for reviewing the license contract status of the company and formulating a more optimal license purchase plan. License management not only reduces risk, but it can also generate benefits such as cost savings.

Best Practices for Successful Software License Administration

To ensure successful software license administration, organizations can follow these best practices:

Use IT Asset Management Software: IT asset management tools provide a central engine for managing digital assets. A good IT asset management solution, also includes license management, enabling regular updates on software licenses in the same dashboard that manages other aspects of IT controls.

Get License Documents: Organizations need all their license information in one place to start managing software licenses. Hardware asset management and IT asset management software can help act as a central repository for all the various license details.

Clean and Organize License Inventory: Organizing license inventory enables organizations to easily keep track of all future updates and eliminate excess licenses according to their analysis and usage requirements.

Program Indexing: Indexing all software with details mentioning related products helps with license management. This helps organizations quickly look up license information for software products and see which products expire and when.

Software license management is critical to improving scalability and preventing losses. IT asset automation is a game-changer that gives organizations seamless and effortless control over the lifecycle of their IT assets.