HRIS or HR software can significantly modernize and streamline your company's HR processes. All while saving businesses time and money in the process. Datatech-Int is the go-to platform for companies looking to upgrade their HR processes with cutting-edge Enterprise HRIS Software in Malta, including payroll software and more, with a range of features and benefits that can revolutionize your HR department, all while saving you valuable time and resources. Read this in-depth article to better understand what they are and their many benefits in business.

HRIS software: definition

HRIS stands for Human Resources Information System. You may have heard other acronyms like HCM – Human Capital Management or HRMS – Human Resource Management System.

Although they have different names, they essentially refer to the same thing: human resource management software for employees. The HRIS stores, tracks, and analyzes employee information, from Payroll for Malta to performance management.

This frees up HR professionals to spend their valuable time on what may be more important tasks, such as looking after their staff. The HRIS is particularly useful for SMEs because they have less time to dwell on time-consuming HR tasks and have to think more about the resources useful for their development.

An HRIS has many features that allow you to manage your HR tasks simply and quickly.

• time tracking system

• Organization of holidays and vacations

• Management of pay slips via a digital safe

• Expense tracking

• Document management

• Team management

• Evaluation of performances

• Onboarding/Off boarding management

• Digital signature

• Mobile app

What are the main advantages of an HRIS?

Optimizing the management of your employees is essential, and for that, you need a high-performance solution.

Improve productivity

HR software improves business productivity and efficiency by streamlining normally time-consuming and arduous HR tasks.

As a result, HR tasks are completed in half the time, which means managers can spend more time on more productive tasks that can contribute to employee satisfaction and business development.

Reduce errors

HR professionals have a lot to do, and it is inevitable that they will make mistakes along the way because they are only human beings.

Automating HR processes with human resource management software eliminates costly mistakes, saving your company money and time.

For example, if a company's furloughs don't comply with federal or state laws, they can be hit with a hefty fine. You can also consider recruiting an HRIS Manager capable of managing HR tools. However, with vacation and absence management software, absence requests are automated, and the different types of absence requests are categorized.

It is also possible to add company policies as well as legal policies, ensuring that employers comply with both. This feature will therefore help to reduce employee absenteeism and ensure that the company complies with labor laws.

Improve transparency

With features like the Employee Portal or Salary Summary, to name a few, employees can view and manage their data whenever they want, having that information at their fingertips. This allows employees to feel more empowered and therefore increases employee satisfaction.

Win time

With time tracking software, employees can review the hours they have worked and analyze their own level of productivity, so they can improve in the future. Managers can also receive notifications when their employees clock in or out of a location.

HRIS and Payroll in Libya provide downloadable summaries and reports to better equip managers to make informed decisions about their team. This data will provide insight into the processes taking place within your business so that managers can make better data-driven decisions. Shift management software is another feature that helps managers schedule shifts. Thus, they improve their management of employees.

Save money

Human resource management software is certainly a financial investment. Still, what you save in real cost is worth it, especially regarding employee retention. The cost of recruitment and onboarding would be estimated between 15 and 25% of the gross annual salary of the new recruit.