DataTech Consulting (Libya)

Our IT expansion operations in Libya commenced in late 2010, however work on customer installations commenced in November 2012 when we successfully landed our first consulting job.  Since then we have steadily expanded our business remaining passionate about our Libyan market, and notwithstanding, the many challenges we face from day to day, we are fuelled by the loyalty and optimism of our clients who continue to show trust in us.

Operating exclusivey with a local company based in Tripoli,  through a solidarity agreement we are able to provide a 360 degree services to our customers. 

Our sense of commitment has always been strong in Libya, in fact since 2013, through a solidarity agreement between Eastwards Technologies Limited, DataTech Consulting Limited and Alayadi Training and Consultancy Limited we have organised no less than 30 SAP workshops and 3 SAP attended and sponsored forums.  Through the years we have continued to meet our Libyan clients, and have travelled beyond Libya, meeting our clients in neighbouring countries  Malta, Egypt and Tunisia and even in Turkey.

DataTech Consulting Limited remains a strong partner to our partner in Libya. 

Mr. Taha Ben Hussein
Address: Alayadi Training and Consultancy Limited, Iben Dahoun Street, Building No. 84, Hay Andalus(2), Tripoli

Alayadi Traning and Consultancy Limited operates a strict due diligence procedures in its Libyan operations and in doing so observe and follow regularly all UN, USA, UK and EU Security, trading and investment regulations. Furthermore, since Eastward Technologies Limited no longer operates out of UAE, Alayadi Training and Consultancy Limited is no longer supporting clients sales of: SAP Licenses or related services. However, is still very active in the provision of hardware, training and consultancy to Libyan clients, especially in the ERP envirnment iincluding SAP.