Managing employees in affirm is a task in itself and it involves loads of data recording and management processes. To ease the task, today the tech experts have designed a convenient software known as HRIS or Human Resource Information System software that collectively manages and record all details of the employees similar to the role and responsibility of an HR.

All about Enterprise HRIS Software

By definition Human resource Information System or HRIS is a software that works specifically for different institutions. It is an online solution that helps in maintaining data and information related to every other employee. The regular duties of an HR is well efficiently handled by this software For example personal details of employees, payroll, accounting functions etc. are all controlled under this software. Therefore, as a software, it must be included as a mandatory software by every company depending on the capacity and capability of the same. Enterprise HRIS software helps in managing profit for the companies as well.

  • Maintains log in log out times and absent days
  • Payroll and account related maintenance
  • Past and present account details of the employees
  • Helps in applicant tracking, recruitments as well and many more functionalities

Data Tech as a potential HRIS provider

Data tech is an out and out technology-based firm that caters to the demands and needs of the digital enterprise requirements. The company provides all kinds of support and service to digitally transform a business venture. The company has expertise in various business domains including the likes of IT business consultancy, digital business transformation, data centre services, software development, cloud enabled solutions, infrastructure support etc. All these services are accomplished using latest technology and software. It has been over 17 years that the company is providing commendable support to businesses at every level. HRIS software implementation is one of the most required and appreciated support service that is offered by the experienced and expert team of developers that is suitable to every kind of business irrespective of strength and capability.

Different types of HRIS systems

Majorly there are two types of HRIS system which are most often used interchangeably. The details of both the kinds are as follows:

  • HCM Solutions – Human Capital Management or HCM is designed to enhance employee performance as it is developed for performance monitoring, target achievement, recruitment and every other detail that revolves around the performance of an employee
  • HRMS Solutions – Human Resources Management Services or HRMS or HRM utilises latest technology to maximise productivity and performance. It includes management of processes like employee schedule and payroll, employee tracking among others.

There are many features associated with the HRIS software including application tracking, onboarding of employees, self-portal service, performance monitoring and many more. The software is specific to a specific organisation is completely depends on the strength and turnover of the company. As an HR, the prime responsibility is to keep a track of employees in an organisation which includes many internal responsibilities as well. To ease the heavy-duty work of an individual HR, the software is much required and at present need of the hour.