Digitalisation is the new era of technology that solely depends on digital techniques and social media. It modifies the age-old analogue system to make it more suitable for the new generation that is going digital in every manner. Be it any kind of business or incorporation, you are worthy of time of a consumer, if you have a digital presence. To ease the entire process of digitalisation, Data Tech provides for easy yet reliable solutions. It is an out an out technology driven company that allows its clients to have a growth digitally. The transform from analogue techniques to digital ones is bit time consuming and takes a lot of efforts, but once accomplished it won’t require much maintenance. The company has the reputation of serving both local and international clients for more than 17 years and still it is considered to be one of the most trustworthy and affordable service providers. The core technical team, proven adapted methodologies and state of art infrastructure all makes for a combination that is worth your time and money.

All About Archiving

For a layman, the term archiving simply implies, a process that converts inactive data or information in any format and stores it for a longer time period. The validity of the store data depends on the retention time, but it can be stored irrespective of its usage and potential in the future. You achieve this kind of archiving, usually a database is maintained. Hence archiving solutions are one of the most appropriate and wisely used techniques of data management. A data archive is indexed and it includes search options that could help in retrieval of the stored data in case of requirement. The database used for storage is a low cost one that can be easily maintained. Both data back up and data archiving are different terms often misunderstood by most of the people. Backup requires storage for a shorter time duration that archived files, and the backup files are critical files that do not modify the original data unlike the archived file, which stores non critical information. Data Archiving Solutions reduces cost as well as provides for an easy and faster back up. The storage capacity required for the same is quite limited.

Lifecycle of a Data

A data or information can be either critical or non-critical according to which the storage and backup of the files are scheduled. The data life cycle ideally includes the stages of the data right from its generation to its archival or deletion. As per the studies, the Data Lifecycle may include following stages:

  • Initial generation where the data is acquired from an external organisation
  • Maintenance stage – The acquired data is processed before use with processes of integration, scrubbing or ETL
  • Usage of the data- This is an important stage where the data is used for achieving the organisational motive and target
  • Publication of the data – The data is transferred outside of the organisation, not necessarily to only public domain
  • Archiving where the data is no longer used and is stored in case it is needed again
  • Purging – This is the stage where all data copies are removed or deleted, basically from archived files